Invest In Solar

In this video I discuss calculating a return on investment (ROI) of a solar system using tax credits and depreciation. I discuss how you can create a business, or LLC, to use depreciation benefits of a solar system.

NOTE: I try talking very slow in this video, so if I talk to slow for your liking you can use the speed option and listen to me at 1.25x speed or higher using the gear symbol at the bottom of the video player next to the “CC” button. Click on the gear button and you can adjust speed of the video.

Here is my DIY Solar and Wind book that was published on Amazon:

Barnes and Noble Nook version of my DIY Solar and Wind Book:

This is a great book on Amazon that I would recommend you pick up to understand solar power (this is the 2013 edition and is great reading):

This is the Grape Solar Panel that I am particularly fond of (many people sending me messages):